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Donate regularly
Donate regularly

Donate regularly

How easily do you make new friends?

We all have a right to make friends and people with learning disabilities are no exception.

Simon who lives in Leeds with his mum has always wanted to make more friends but he has never found people outside of his own family who really understand him. That is, until two years ago when he joined Luv2meetU. Simon has transformed his life since he plucked up the courage to join Luv2meetU, Hft’s friendship and dating agency. Members can take part in activities such as cinema nights, music and clubbing nights, speed dating and lots more!  

Could you help more people like Simon?

Donate regularly

Could you help someone who spends their life caring for others?

A gift of £10 a month could help to fund our free and independent Family Carer Support Service. A vital line of support for people caring for a relation with a learning disability.   

Could you open your front door with your thumb?

A gift of £15 a month could contribute to a finger print door lock that will keep someone’s home safe and secure without the worry of losing keys or getting locked out.

How easily can you remember your 18th birthday?

A gift of £25 a month could pay for a talking photo album that enables someone with communication difficulties or dementia to remember and share important stages in their life.

Thank you for considering making a regular donation to Hft. Regular donations via Direct Debit are important to us because they mean we can help more people like Simon to attend our projects like Luv2meetU. By making a regular donation you’ll be offering people a new way to socialise, have fun and be themselves.

Donate Now.

Other ways to donate.

There are so many ways you can support Hft.

Donate by posting a cheque or CAF Voucher made out to HF Trust Ltd to Hft 5/6 Brook Office Park, Folly Brook Road, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7FL. Don’t forget to include your details – we’d love to thank you!

Donate by calling our fundraising team on 0117 906 1699. Or give us a call to find out how you could give via your payroll or play our weather lottery.

Give regularly

A regular donation to Hft can help us make a big difference to the lives of the people we support.