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Merger with the Edward Lloyd Trust (ELT)
Merger with the Edward Lloyd Trust (ELT)

Merger with the Edward Lloyd Trust (ELT)

In May 2016 Hft and the Edward Lloyd Trust merged.

Why has Hft merged with ELT? 
ELT is an organisation with similar values to our own. They:

  • Share our vision, values and person-centred approach. 
  • Put the people they support at the centre of everything they do.
  • Are committed to the development of staff, believing in building the capability and capacity of staff teams and sharing excellence across the organisation.

Hft’s strategy is to look for opportunities to grow and increase its operational footprint through merging with other like-minded organisations. Joining forces with ELT allows us to create a larger and more financially viable north east region of Hft, which will deliver high quality services to people with learning disabilities.

What will the new organisation look like?

  • The new merged organisation will be known as Hft
  • Robert Longley-Cook will be the Chief Executive 
  • Judith Jolly will be the Chairperson
  • The Head Office will be in Bristol.

What happens next?

All of the people we support will continue to receive high quality care throughout the merger process and disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum. We will also make sure they are fully consulted should any changes be proposed to their particular service as a result of the merger.
We will now begin the process of combining our two organisations into one, united organisation.
What does the future look like for Hft?

Together, our two charities can deliver quality services for more than 2,500 people with learning disabilities.
The new merged organisation will look at improving the service we can offer people in the future, particularly for those with multiple and complex needs.

Read our news announcement about the merger.

I’m new to Hft – where can I find out more?

  • Find out more about Hft’s Fusion Model of Support which explains how we deliver our services to the people we support
  • Take a look at our last Annual Review to learn more about the kind of work that Hft does
  • Find out more about our Voices to be Heard group; a forum that is recognised and valued across the whole organisation
  • Become a member and add your voice to ours!

If you have any questions about the merger or how it might affect you or your family member, please email us at