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Family welcome pack
Family welcome pack

Family welcome pack

We think it is important that all families of the people we support have the same access to information about Hft, regardless of the service they join or the Hft region they are based in.

So, to give families a consistent and thorough introduction to Hft, as well as an opportunity to sign up to the available communications channels, we have developed a new welcome pack, to tell families all about Hft.

The pack features a series of ‘About Hft’ information sheets, designed to provide an overview to Hft, our strategy and the things that are important to us.

Support staff will also be asked to complete a local contact sheet, with up to date contact details, which they will include in the packs for new families, when their relative takes up our services.

The pack also provides an introduction to our new approach: The Commitment to Partnership with relatives and close friends of the people we support. [Link to C2P page] in the form of a helpful booklet.

We don’t want newcomers to be the only ones that benefit, so we are sending welcome packs to our existing families too. Even though some of you have been with us for a long time, we hope the pack will be useful for you. Welcome packs will be distributed to the lead contacts of all the people we support between November and December 2015.

Over time, the ‘About Hft’ sheets will change, but you can always download up to date versions here.

Download the ‘About Hft’ information sheets below

They are designed to provide an overview of Hft, our strategy and the things that are important to us.

  • Introduction to Hft

  • Where are we?

  • How are we governed?

  • Our Fusion Model of Support

  • Person-Centred Active Support

  • Our Family Carer Support Service

  • Personalised Technology at Hft

  • Fundraising and Membership of Hft

  • Ways to get involved - Family Communications at Hft

  • Sign up form for family communications

  • Complaints and compliments

  • Family Carer Support Service Joining Form

  • Commitment to Partnership booklet