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It doesn't add up campaign
It doesn't add up campaign

It doesn't add up campaign

Join us in campaigning the government to properly fund the National Living Wage!

Sign our petition now! 

At Hft, we are running our first organisation-wide lobbying campaign, calling for central government to properly fund the National Living Wage (NLW) before vulnerable people with learning disabilities are left without vital specialist support.

Our Trustees, Executive Team and Regional Managers are writing to their local MPs, arranging meetings to discuss the issues and inviting them to visit our services to see, first hand, how important it is to preserve high quality support provision for people with learning disabilities. We would now like you to join us in raising awareness of the issue!

What is the problem?

  • Funding for adult social care is being squeezed and, though we strongly support the introduction of the National Living Wage (in April), it is set to dramatically increase costs for all providers of learning disability support.
  • By 2020, our salary costs are due to increase by over £8m. We have no control over the fees paid by Local Authorities, which are based on National Minimum Wage. So, the NLW represents a huge under-funded increase.
  • Local Authorities (LAs) are struggling to find the answer because they are not receiving the budgets they need to pay for it.
  • The government has offered an additional 2% which LAs can raise from Council Tax to pay for adult social care, but this won’t generate enough to cover what is needed.
  • This funding squeeze threatens the Transforming Care Agenda, set up post Winterbourne View as an acknowledgement from Government that we need to do so much more for people with learning disabilities and autism; supporting them to live a life like any other and preventing them from unnecessarily ending up in institutional care.
  • This also undermines the obligations of the Care Act 2014, which promises a sustainable and vibrant market of quality providers for people with learning disabilities to choose from.

How can you help?

Sign our petition and spread the word!

Alternatively, you can write to your MP:

If you feel strongly about the issue, you may also like to write to your local MP. We have created a template letter which you are very welcome to use. This letter outlines the key issues faced by the sector and asks your MP to raise a question on this matter in the House of Commons. Simply add the name of your MP to the top of the letter and add your name to the bottom before sending.

How to find your MP: To find the name and address of your MP, visit: and enter your postcode. Alternatively, you can contact the House of Commons Enquiry Service on 020 7219 4272.

Please let us know: We would love to know if you have written to your MP, so that we can keep track of how widely the word has spread. Please write to with information about the date you wrote to your MP, who your MP is and any response received