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Supported employment
Supported employment

Supported employment

Supported employment is a great way of helping people with learning disabilities to improve their self-esteem, meet new people, learn new skills and get involved in the local community – quite aside from being a potential source of income!

Supported employment

At Hft we believe that everyone who wants a job, deserves the chance to have one. We can help secure jobs for people with learning disabilities and work with people to find paid and voluntary employment to suit their needs.

We offer support in helping people apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. We can offer support in accompanying someone to interviews, and even once they’re in their new job - until they, and their employer, think it is no longer needed. We can help people with getting to work, or developing the skills to get there themselves.

People we support work everywhere from hotels and shops to garden centres and TV studios. We also employ a number of people at Hft, in roles ranging from administration to cleaning, or helping organise nights out. We even have some DJs! 

As part of our disability employment activities, we run a number of supported employment projects that provide employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities. Hft can also support people who want to turn their skill into a job. We offer support on all aspects of self-employment and a number of people we support run their own businesses, including wood working and catering.

We also offer support to people with learning disabilities who would like to volunteer. As with all Hft support, we can offer advice on getting some volunteering experience, as well as support during the role.

Are you an employer looking for staff? You may be interested to know that research from the Joseph Rowntree Trust shows that people with learning disabilities are generally reliable, more likely to stay with one employer for a long time and tend to take less time off.



Finding a job that you like can be a huge boost to your self-esteem