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BME resource guide
BME resource guide

BME resource guide

Version 3 - updated April 2012

Reaching and Supporting Diverse Communities is a guide to meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities and family carers, from newly arrived, Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic (BME) Communities.

The guide is split into the following sections:

  • (1) Engaging and communicating with different communities
  • (2) Supporting communities – specific issues
  • (3) Supporting communities – specific communities
  • (4) It’s everybody’s business -legislating for equality
  • (5) Knowing your local population
  • (6) Good practice examples from around the country

You can view and download PDF versions of the guide at the bottom of this page either as a single document, or by section. If you would like a Word version of the guide, please contact

The BME Resource Guide

The BME Resource Guide

  • BME Resource Guide

  • (1) Engaging and Communicating with Different Communities

  • (2) Supporting Communities -Specific Issues

  • (3) Supporting Communities – Specific Communities

  • (4) It’s Everybody’s Business -Legislating for Equality

  • (5) Knowing your Local Population

  • (6) Good Practice Examples

The BME Resource Guide - sections 1 to 6

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