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Health resources
Health resources

Health resources

About the resources
Below is a selection of resources to support you and your relative to stay well and receive good healthcare.

All resources can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Hospital Passport
A Hospital Passport helps you summarise important information about someone with a learning disability. It helps ensure they get the best, most personalised care in hospital.

For other useful health documents created by Signpost Sheffield, go to the Signpost Sheffield website.

Working together: Guidance for Hospitals, Families and Support Staff
"Working together: Guidance for Hospitals, Families and Paid Support Staff" aims to improve how people with a learning disability are supported when in hospital.

It is designed to guide those who work in hospitals, family carers and paid support staff.

The guide was created by: Hft; the Valuing People Support Team; Gloucestershire NHS; Worcestershire County Council and the Worcestershire NHS Working Together guide.

Basic Personal Care MOT
This document provides guidance to staff assisting people with a learning disability in aspects of basic personal care.

The guide is designed to supplement policy and guidance in developing personal support plans.

Support plans should be developed with the person supported wherever possible, or their representative. They should form part of the person supported's person centred plan.

The Nottinghamshire County Learning Disability Partnership Board have funded the creation of the Basic Personal Care MOT.

Good Healthcare for all - What can I expect from the NHS?
This guidance is aimed at people with learning disabilities, family carers and anyone who supports a person with learning disabilities.

It includes information on using the NHS, what to expect, examples of challenges and how they can be overcome. It also contains contacts for getting more help and information.

The guidance was produced in February 2012 by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

Download resources at the bottom of this page.

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If you can't find what you're looking for, please keep checking this page, or get in touch with the Family Carer Support Service on 0808 801 0448 or email

Hospital Passport

Working together: Guidance for Hospitals, Families and Paid Support Staff

Basic Personal Care MOT

Good Healthcare for all - What can I expect from the NHS?

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