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Smart Living magazine
Smart Living magazine

Smart Living magazine

Hft’s Smart Living magazine explores the different ways that PersonalisedTechnology (PT), using assistive technology in a person-centred context, can be used to give people with learning disabilities greater independence.

People with learning disabilities can have a range of specific support needs, but they also have the same needs as everyone else - whether that’s remembering their house keys when they go for a walk or cooking a meal.

The Smart Living magazine is about how using assistive technology creatively is making a difference to the lives of people with learning disabilities.

This issue focuses on :

  • Making it easier to say how you feel with Lincus
  • Using sensor technology and apps to take the guesswork out of gardening
  • Exercising your imagination with audible books
  • Healthy eating and technology tips for the kitchen 

You can download a copy below, or request a paper copy by emailing

Smart Living Magazine

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