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Short breaks
Short breaks

Short breaks

We know how important having a break can be to the people we support and their families.

We offer a range of completely flexible short breaks and respite care services for people with learning disabilities and their loved ones, tailored to meet individual needs.

Short breaks

We’re able to offer support at dedicated short break centres at home, or at local centres offering a range of activities.  We can also support people to go on longer holidays.

Residential short break centres
We have two dedicated short break centres where people can come and stay for a few days while parents or family carers have a break.

Short breaks give people the opportunity to make friends, try new activities or learn new skills. We work with other local organisations to try and offer as many different opportunities as possible, tailoring what’s on offer to what people want to do.

Activities might include cooking, swimming, learning a musical instrument, using a Wii games console, or writing letters or emails to friends and family.

As well as being active, people might just want to relax in front of the TV, watch a movie, go shopping, attend their usual church service, or pop down the pub .

Support at home
For parents or family carers who need to go away with work, spend quality time with other family members or simply have some time away to themselves, support at home may be the answer. We’re able to offer respite care in your home for a set period of time to suit.

Day opportunities
We can support people to get out and about in the community for a few hours, build new skills, make friends and try new activities, and give family members a break.

We also have a number of dedicated day centres around the country offering activities for people with learning disabilities.  Centres are also used by local communities, offering meeting rooms and facilities to hold community festivals and events.

Activities on offer differ between areas, but could include anything from dancing to water-skiing, jewellery making to photography.  We support people to take part in either day, evening or weekend activities.

We can support people to go on holiday with family or friends. This might be a few days camping in the UK,  a few weeks in a more exotic destination, or a special family visit. We’ve even supported one person to visit her brother in Australia.

We also work with local organisations providing supported holidays to help people plan the right holiday for them and help ensure they have a great time.

Find details of short break and respite care services in your area - and how to get in touch with your local team - on our Location pages.

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