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Pirate Day
Pirate Day

Pirate Day

Gather yer shipmates and join our crew between the 16th and 25th September (or another date of your choice) and set sail for a day of swashbuckling fun in the name of Hft! It be simple to get involved; just order your fundraising pack and download our Pirate Day resources.

Our fundraising pack is full of ideas that will have you yo-ho-ho-ing all day long and has all the information you’ll need to bring in a bounty of donations which will make a real difference to our work transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities!

If ye be gettin’ aboard the ship, don’t forget to inform us of your event and get the support you need to plan your adventure! Call our salty sea dogs at Head Office on 0117 906 1767 or email

You can also connect with other Hft pirates on our Twitter and Facebook pages (see below).

'Ave some sprogs that you want to join you on yer swashbuckling adventure?

Sneak a peek at these fundraising ideas...

Say “Aye!” by holding a pirate themed non-school uniform day at yer' school, and raise money for Hft and the people we support. Sign up here to receive your FREE primary fundraising pack. Quote TEACH and keep 25% of the funds raised for your school!

Lesson ideas:

  • Create wanted pirate posters
  • Message in a bottle writing
  • Co-ordinate a treasure hunt

Say “Aye!” by holding a pirate cake and coffee break and raise money for Hft and the people we support. Sign up here to receive your FREE fundraising pack!

‘ere be some other ideas to turn yer office into th’ Black Pearl:

  • Get yer directors to walk the plank
  • Have a fancy dress day
  • Make all the announcements by talking like a pirate

Groups of friends
Say “Aye!” by organising a rum tasting evening at home for friends and family and raise money for Hft and the people we support.. Order your FREE fundraising pack!

If grog ain’t yer thing how about:

  • Organising a city wide treasure hunt
  • Having a pirate bake off with traditional pirate fayre
  • Hosting a pirate film night

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration!


Don't take our word for it! See what Griff Rhys Jones and Christopher Biggins have to say about  Pirate Day...

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