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International talk like a pirate day
International talk like a pirate day

International talk like a pirate day

The cap’n be raisin’ a glass of grog to all our crew members in 2015! Our salty sea dogs are counting the dubloons and will update ye with the total raised very soon!

Whilst ye be waitin’ let them know about yer pirate events or take a shimmy up the social media crows nest and see what ye crew mates have been doin’ to raise money this year!

Talk Like a Pirate Day happens every September the 19th we need you to gather yer shipmates, and set sail for a day of swashbuckling fun in the name of treasure and pieces o’ eight! It be simple to get involved; just order your fundraising pack and download our TLAPD resources. Our fundraising pack is full of ideas that will have you yo-ho-ho-ing all day long and has all the information you’ll need to bring in a bounty of donations!

If ye be gettin’ aboard the ship, don’t forget to inform the cap’n of your event! Call our salty sea dogs at Head Office on 0117 906 1767 or email Don’t forget to shimmy up the crow’s nest and look out for the other Hft pirates on Twitter and Facebook.

‘ere be some ideas to get you thinkin’ like a pirate!

  • Get yer teachers or boss to Walk the Plank!
  • Organise a city-wide treasure hunt
  • Dress and talk like a pirate all day
  • Hold a rum tasting event
  • Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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Your donations are hugely important to Hft and help us commit to future projects.