Hft is one of the few learning disability charities where families and carers of learning disabled adults are actively involved in ensuring the needs of the people we support are at the centre of everything we do.

We were founded by a group of visionary families who had learning disabled children. They were looking to ensure their children achieved their full potential. We now operate as an individual membership organisation, ensuring we continue to enhance the lives of the people we support in the right ways.

Members are central to the way we operate. We keep all of our members up to date with everything we do to provide effective services to learning disabled adults and their families. We invite our members to our AGM and ask them to vote in the elections of many of our Trustees so they can each play a part in the future of Hft. Our members are also able to become Trustees themselves.

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for our overall strategic direction and effective management. 50% of our Trustees are selected by our members and 50% are nominated by the Board for their expertise in relevant fields.

Our nominated Trustees come from diverse backgrounds and are chosen for the skills and expertise they can bring to our delivery of support and services. Many have an excellent understanding of the issues that affect learning disabled people. Some have family members with learning disabilities. Some are carers or friends of someone with a learning disability. Some have specific expertise in policy development or specific skills that can help ensure we run effectively.

The implementation of our strategy and the day-to-day running of Hft is managed by the Executive Board.

Our Trustees and Executive team share a common goal: to ensure we deliver the best support possible and continually look for new ways to ensure the people we support have every opportunity to live the best life possible.

Executive Team

  • Steve Veevers

    Steve Veevers is Hft's Chief Executive Officer. View
  • David O’Neill

    David O'Neill is Hft's Chief Commercial Housing Officer. View
  • Simon Hubble

    Simon Hubble is Hft's Chief Corporate Services Officer and Deputy Chief Executive. View
  • Devia Gurjar

    Devia Gurjar is Hft's Chief Charity & External Affairs Officer. View
  • Tracy Hampson

    Tracy Hampson is Hft's Director of Operations View
  • Kate Jenkins

    Kate Jenkins is Hft's Interim Director of People View


  • Jonathan Laredo

    Jonathan Laredo is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Des Spencer

    Des Spencer is one of Hft's Trustees View
  • Mike Butler

    Mike Butler is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Anne-Marie Strong

    Anne-Marie is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Amanda Bunce

    Amanda Bunce is Hft's Chair of Trustees. View
  • John Devapriam

    John Devapriam is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Lesley Hutchinson

    Lesley Hutchinson is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Irfana Malik

    Irfana Malik is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Paul Morgan

    Paul Morgan is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Hugh Piper

    Hugh Piper is one of Hft's Trustees. View
  • Tim Tamblyn

    Tim Tamblyn is one of Hft's Trustees. View