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Becs Gratton

Chief Operations Officer

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Tell us a bit about your background

I have almost 40 years’ experience working all over the UK across both the independent and not-for-profit sectors in adult specialist care, working with people with learning disabilities and/or autism, organic and functional mental health conditions, acquired brain injuries and degenerative diseases.  My career includes Trustee and NED roles, a range of successful service developments,  business start-ups and turnaround projects, as well as a period of time as a specialist management consultant working on acquisitions.  My first job at age 18 was for the Sports Council for Wales. I was a sports coach and oversaw the development of sporting activities for people with learning disabilities at day services (ATCs as they were then known) and for people who had serious mental health conditions and were living in secure psychiatric hospitals in South Wales. I also got the opportunity to support the coaching for the UK Special Olympics in 1986. It was a brilliant job and I loved it.

Becs says…

I am here to make sure that our operations teams all have the right resource, support and knowledge they need to do their jobs confidently and well, that the people we support are delivered the highest quality of service possible, and that we listen to them to learn how we can keep getting better. I also want to make sure that we’re operating sustainably, to make sure that the organisation can survive and flourish now and for another 50 years.