Robert Longley-Cook

Chief Executive

Tell us a bit about your background

I joined Hft as Chief Executive in December 2010.  I have 25 years of business experience in a large multi-national company, both in the UK and overseas, working in sales and marketing, business management, strategy development, and corporate social responsibility. Just prior to joining Hft, I worked with WRVS – now RVS – for four years as Executive Director of Fundraising, Marketing, Communications and Volunteering.

What’s your best ‘Hft moment’?

My best/proudest moment has been watching the Hft ‘Fusion Model of Support’ grow from the tiny seed of an idea, to being the strategic framework for delivering outstanding outcomes for everyone we support, that is now used consistently across the whole organisation – and across those organisations we have merged into Hft.

Robert says…

“Even today, people with learning disabilities remain un-seen and often ignored by society, and yet with the right support, they can achieve outstanding outcomes. As a society we need to make sure they receive this support, and that we all acknowledge the amazing people who work with them. For myself, I feel privileged to be leading such an outstanding staff team here at Hft.”