Werner White

Tell us a bit about your background

I have worked in the logistics services industry for thirty five years with over twenty years experience at Board level. I am now self employed as a provider of interim management and consulting services and also undertake coaching and mentoring assignments.

What made you decide to become a Trustee for Hft?

My 29 year old son has been supported by Hft for five years and I have worked closely with the organisation in order to get the best possible outcomes for him. I am motivated by ‘making a difference’ and look forward to bringing value through applying my knowledge and experience.

What’s your best ‘Hft moment’?

My best Hft experience so far has been securing a transformational improvement in my son’s support arrangements through working in close partnership with the Hft team.

Werner says…

“These are challenging times for the social care sector and we need to put every ounce of our collective strength and energy into securing the best possible outcomes for all those whose quality of life depends on secure and caring support.”