Hft | Poll: MPs’ perceptions of the size of the learning disability sector

Support for adults with learning disabilities accounts for around one-third of the total adult social care spend in England (Source: “Social Care At A Glance”, National Audit Office, July 2018).

It is also the fastest growing sector in terms of demand, as people with learning disabilities continue to lead longer lives. As a result, 57 out of the 151 councils responsible for social care spent more on supporting adults with learning disabilities than they did on elderly people in 2017, compared to just six in 2007 (Source: “The Other Social Care Crisis”, The Economist, March 2018).

Hft does not believe that MPs fully understand the size of the sector and the challenges we face. That’s why, between 13 May and 2 June 2019, we commissioned polling company YouGov to ask MPs what percentage of total social care spend in England they believed was allocated to learning disabilities.

Overall, only 7% of MPs correctly stated that learning disabilities was around one-third of total adult social care expenditure. The majority of MPs (55%) believed it to be less than 15% of total social care spend.

Below is our #MPLDPoll report, breaking down MPs’ understanding of the size of the learning disability sector across all MPs, along with the headline differences between the two largest political parties – Conservatives and Labour. We have also provided a fuller breakdown of the poll, categorising the results by: political party, the region in which their constituency is located, gender, position on Brexit, the year they were first elected as an MP, and the type(s) of news media they consume. 

Download your copy below.


Social Care Funding Poll

MPs’ perceptions of the size of the learning disability sector

Social Care Funding Data

A breakdown of MPs' responses to the Poll