Hft Family Appointee Information Pack

If you are the appointee of a person supported by Hft, we have created this information pack to help you.  It includes details on:

  • Making and managing your relative’s benefits claims
  • What to do if your relative’s circumstances change
  • How to ensure your relative has the right access to their money
  • What Hft bills and invoices you can expect to receive
An image of the front cover of the Appointeeship Guide for family appointees. Depicted are two people looking through a book of animals together.
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If you need any further advice, you can also speak to our Family Carer Support Service for general information about appointeeship or becoming an appointee.

Freephone: 0808 801 0448 or email familycarersupport@hft.org.uk

Appointeeship Guide for family appointees

Download your copy of the guide