Hft | An interview with Andrew Collinge for our Hft 60 celebrations

An interview with Andrew Collinge for our Hft 60 celebrations

As part of our 60th birthday celebrations this year, we’re sharing stories and memories from people across Hft, including people we support, staff, families and friends and other supporters.

Here, Andrew Collinge (Two times British Hairdresser of the Year!) shares his memories of Hft…

How and when were you introduced to Hft?

My connection to Hft is through my sister who has been supported by the charity for the past eight years. However I first became aware of Hft as at teenager many years ago. I remember at that time participating in a sponsored fundraising walk on the Wirral.

How did you feel when your family first starting receiving support from Hft?

The family were very happy and confident when Hft became part of Joanne’s life. It was a crucial time in my sister’s life as our mother was suffering from a long illness and my father was getting well into old age himself . I worried how Joanne would deal with the inevitable loss of her parents but the care and support the team gave to Joanne during that time was exemplary.

How is your sister Joanne supported today?

Joanne lives with three other adults Hft supports in a spacious bungalow near Ellesmere Port. It’s a lovely house and has the benefit of a large garden which at times is also enjoyed by others Hft support, such as during a recent party to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. All four that live in the house have their own particular requirements. They are very much treated as individuals and each day have their own activities planned.

Why do you still support Hft?

Supporting Hft is the least I can do. They do a wonderful job caring for my sister and many others. Charities in the social care sector and everyone who works within them do invaluable and important work, day in day out. However times have never been more challenging for such organisations and now more than ever they need our support.

Do you have a story about the support Hft have provided that you would like to share?

The house where my sister lives is always a happy place to visit. It’s also a place where there’s often a delicious aroma drifting from the kitchen as freshly prepared meals are in the process of being cooked. The team that supports my sister and her fellow house mates do wonderful work and provide exceptional care.

Could you sum up Hft in a few words?

Caring, professional, invaluable.


Congratulations to everyone at Hft on your 60th anniversary. Enjoy the celebrations and on behalf of my family, a massive thank you.

Andrew Collinge

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