Hft has reacted to the publication of the Local Government Finance Settlement 2018/19, in which the Government has pledged an additional £150m for the sector over the next financial year.

Billy Davis, Public Affairs & Policy Manager, commented: “Despite numerous warnings over the financial pressures facing the social care sector, the Government has pledged a mere £150 million for Adult Social Care for 2018/19. This amount does not begin to compensate for the £4.6bn cut from the sector since 2010, or begin to plug the estimated £2.3bn funding gap we will be facing by 2020.

“Quite simply: it does not add up.

“The green paper and parallel body of work on social care cannot come soon enough. In order to deliver high-quality person-centred support to some of the most vulnerable adults in society, this government must move away from quick fixes to deliver a sustainable and equitable funding solution to the social care crisis.”