Meet Henry - Chair of our Voices to be Heard group

It’s National Co-production Week, so we caught up with Henry Edgecumbe, Chair of our national ‘Voices to be Heard’ speak out group to find out more about his role:

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m the chairman of the Voices to be Heard group. I’m a very popular person through Hft!

Why did you want to join Voices to be Heard?

I wanted to get people to hear my voice.

Do you think Voices to be Heard makes Hft services better?

Yes. I think it’s a way for us to show how we want to be supported and the environment that we feel comfortable in.

Thinking about what you’ve done as part of Voices to be Heard, what are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of going to the United Nations. It was absolutely fantastic.

What are the biggest issues in the country that affect people with learning disabilities?

I think the biggest issues affecting people with disabilities is benefits, accessing them and doing the application forms.

What would you say to the country if you could be on TV for ten seconds?

It’s absolutely fantastic being able to be part of the Voices to be Heard group. My confidence has change a lot. I feel more 100% in myself speaking out to people now.

In 2018, Henry won a Learning Disability and Autism Leaders List award in the category of Advocacy, Policy and Media for his involvement in Hft’s Walk in our Shoes campaign which calls on MPs to recognise the challenges faced by people with learning disabilities. You can read more about this here: