Since transitioning to adult social care Molly, who is 23 years old, had found the system that is supposed to support her very challenging.  Things had become so bad for Molly that her behaviour had been affected to the point that local organisations had stated they could no longer meet her needs.  Molly was on the verge of being placed in a secure mental health unit.

As a last resort, Hft was asked to go through an assessment with Molly to see whether we could accommodate her. Sue, one of our Registered Managers, sat down with Molly, put down her pen and offered to simply talk. Sue reassured Molly that at Hft, we treat people as individuals, working through issues and getting to the root of what causes challenging behaviours. She told Molly that we don’t give up.

Molly agreed that living at an Hft service sounded like a life she’d enjoy. And Sue promised that Hft would support her.

It wasn’t as simple as moving Molly the following day of course.  Our Kent service was full, so Molly started to receive support in a respite unit, which was not ideal.  Sue had an idea though…

Thinking creatively, Sue persuaded her manager that an old pottery building could be converted into a bungalow that could be personalised and tailored to meet Molly’s needs.  Fast forward in time slightly, and Molly now has her own place to live (that isn’t a secure mental health unit) and a team of staff who treat her as an individual. She has named her bungalow The Lily Pad.

Molly says, “…I feel so strong and happy now. My mum said she has never seen me so happy.  She said I had grown up in a year of working with Hft and she gave me her old eternity ring for the future.  Thank you Hft”.

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