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The people we support at the Shefford Resource Centre in Bedfordshire had a fantastic time getting into the spooky Halloween spirit back in October – all thanks to a very different kind of gift in someone’s will.

When Rosemary Martin, a supporter of our work at Hft, sadly died last year, she donated her sewing and crafting materials and guidebooks – and it seems they’ve found the perfect home in Shefford. The service received these wonderful materials earlier this year, and the people we support have already started to find fun ways to use them.

Jane Perry, Service Manager at Herald Resource Centre in Shefford, said, 

“We had a Halloween-themed week at the end of October. Everyone attended in fancy dress, and we used these arts and crafts materials that were kindly donated to make decorations, like Halloween bats. We are just in the process of opening up fully, which means we will have our sewing session up to full strength – and these materials will go towards making some great Christmassy decorations and presents!”

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Katie Tennyson, Senior Legacy Manager at Hft, explains that while these gifts are unusual, it can be a fantastic way for supporters to donate to us non-financially.

“Crafting and sewing were a big part of Rosemary’s life,” Katie tells us. “We know that for years she volunteered her time teaching many of the people we support, as well as others in her community, how to sew. It seems particularly fitting that this is where her materials now belong – and we’re delighted that they can be a big part of the Resource Centre’s re-opening. We can’t wait to see what else they are used to make!”

To learn more about gifts in wills head to our Donate in Memory page– or get in touch with Chris or Katie (chris.yong@hft.org.uk or katie.tennyson@hft.org.uk) if you would like to help us promote gifts in wills locally.