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Sector Pulse Check

Our annual Sector Pulse Check report provides a snapshot of the financial health of the learning disability social care sector and the impact of key challenges it has faced over the past year. We commission independent economics and business consultancy Cebr to produce the report, which is based on analysis of surveys completed by learning disability social care providers.

If you’re the CEO of an organisation providing services for people with a learning disability, please do complete the survey and contribute to this year’s research:

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Our latest Sector Pulse Check report reveals that the pandemic has taken a considerable toll on the social care workforce. Read our Sector Pulse Check 2020 here

Providers have responded quickly to this development, with all delivering some form of support to safeguard their staff.

Significantly, our report reveals that providers are digging deep into their own pockets to deliver this support in spite of the precarious financial position of the sector, with 56% reporting declining surpluses or already being in deficit due to cost pressures including rising wage bills and a lack of fee income.

Over consecutive years, Hft’s Sector Pulse Check report has highlighted the persistent cost pressures faced by the sector. However, our most recent report makes it abundantly clear that providers are now being forced take ‘last resort’ measures to tackle this. 

What Hft is calling for

After a year when the social care sector and its workforce have truly been on the frontline, Hft is shining a light on the pandemic’s forgotten workforce and calling on the government to publicly recognise the efforts it has made over the past year.

The government must invest in the social care sector by finally bringing forward a long term, sustainable funding solution, which ensures frontline social care staff have the mental health support they deserve and also addresses the longstanding financial challenges of the sector.

Download your copy of the report below.

Sector Pulse Check report 2021
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