Theresa May is well known for her love of shoes. But we think it’s time she tried on a new pair for size.

“We are asking you to take a day and walk in our shoes and see what a person with different complex needs has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.” Sally, supported by Hft in Leeds

People we support say the people who run our country don’t give their hopes and concerns the same attention as those of people without disabilities.

Walk in our shoes logoAs a social care provider, we’ve seen that the voice of people with learning disabilities is often overlooked even when social care is part of the debate. An example of this is the upcoming Green Paper on social care, which only focuses on the elderly.

That’s why the people we support and Hft are calling on politicians to spend time with people with a learning disability, and hear what life is like for them.

“Take a walk in the lives of people with disabilities and see what we have to face.” Becky, supported by Hft in Gloucestershire

Sign up to our Thunderclap calling on Theresa May to ask her MPs to visit their local Hft service and find out what it’s like to #walkinourshoes.