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Corporate Partnerships

Partner with Hft and you can help support people living with learning disabilities to live the best lives possible, while meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

To discuss how a partnership with Hft could benefit your business, please call us on 0117 906 1699, or email the team at corporate.partnerships@hft.org.uk – we’d love to hear from you!

A corporate partnership will help you to:

  • Inspire your employees
  • Enhance your profile with customers
  • Show local communities that your business is a force for good
  • Achieve your business goals

As a business-like charity that’s easy to work with, we’ll make sure the partnership is a success for everyone involved.

We offer a wide range of corporate partnership opportunities, including:

Make Hft your Charity of the Year

A Charity of the Year partnership helps you to get the maximum benefit from a sustained relationship with Hft, without creating too much extra work for yourself.

You can rely on us to create a detailed engagement plan for your business, which will ensure that our partnership meets your business goals and your corporate social responsibility needs.

The plan will also give you the tools and support you need to unite your staff behind a worthwhile cause that they can identify with and feel passionate about.

Find new ways to engage employees

Help your employees to raise money for a great cause – while learning new skills, building team spirit and making links with local communities.

This could involve taking on a challenge event, or perhaps joining one of our exciting ‘Team Extreme Weekenders’, hosting a fundraising event, or maybe doing some Corporate Volunteering – or even donating directly through Payroll-Giving.

Sponsor a project or service

By sponsoring one of the projects or services we run across the country, you can make a life-changing difference to adults with learning disabilities.

Your sponsorship helps us to provide innovative and effective support to people who need it most. And it links your business to something positive and creative, with measurable results.

We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities, from specific projects like Luv2meetU, to sporting events like our Gruffalo Adventure. Call us to talk about options.

Involve your customers

Show you are socially responsible and achieve your marketing and PR objectives by involving customers in your Hft partnership.  A partnership with Hft is proof to your customers – current and new – that you take your social responsibilities seriously.

Cause Related Marketing is a way of turning a corporate partnership with Hft into a commercial opportunity for your business. In simple terms, we work together to market one of your products or services branded with an Hft logo or message. Every time a sale is made, you forward a fixed-amount donation to Hft.

Cause Related Marketing also benefits your customers, as it gives them an easy way to align themselves with a worthwhile charitable cause. Common results include higher sales and stronger customer loyalty.