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A regular donation helps people now, and in the future

Regular donation

A single gift can change someone’s life

Give ‘friendship’

Your gift of £20 could help someone access our Luv2meetU friendship service, helping them make friends, be part of a community and have more choice in life.

Give someone a voice

Your gift of £30 can help someone communicate. Big button communication aids can be set up to make common phrases just a button press away, for example “please can I have a cup of tea” or “please can you open the curtains”.

Give ‘safety’

Your gift of £50 could help fund personalised technology such as bed sensors, or fingerprint locks, which can help someone to live independently in their own home.

One-off donation

Why learning disabled people need you

Around 1.5 million adults in the UK have a learning disability, many of whom will need support in order to live their life, their way and have choices in life.

But cuts to funding are reducing the choices learning disabled people have in life. Many support services no longer exist – but that doesn’t mean they’re not desperately needed. At Hft we’re doing all we can to eradicate this situation. Every day, we apply our expertise, experience and creative thinking to support learning disabled people to live within their community with all the choice and support they need to live their life, their way.

But now, more than ever, we need help from the public to ensure we can continue to provide the best support and that Hft remains financially sustainable. And we need to show the public why – you can find out more about the challenges facing the social care sector by reading our Sector Pulse Check report.

Regular donation

One-off donation


You can help people like Amy live a better life

Amy had been moved from care home to care home; her behaviour was becoming so challenging that no other organisation felt they could support her in the way she needed. But we did.

We listened to her. We talked with her. We understood how scary it was not to have a steady home, to be moved without having a say where she would end up next. To have her voice silenced. We provided the support Amy so desperately needed.

For Amy, we were able to give her a place she calls home. We converted a disused building into a purpose-built home. We decorated it in her choice of colours and styles. She still receives 24-hour support, but now has a place just for her where she feels safe. Knowing that it is her home for as long as she needs it.

Your donation can…

  • help support over 2,200 people each year
  • give a voice to 300 learning disabled people at local speak out groups; giving them the opportunity to speak up locally about their support and get involved in their community
  • bring 320 learning disabled people together throughout the year via our friendship service, Luv2meetU, helping them make friends, be part of a community and have more choices in life.

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What is a learning disability?

Generally, when we talk about learning disabilities, we’re talking about conditions that affect how a person understands and processes information.

Learning disabilities can make everyday life more challenging, and might mean that support is needed in order for the person to live with as much independence and choice as possible.

Learning disabilities affect people to widely differing degrees; those with a mild learning disability are often independent in caring for themselves and carrying out everyday tasks, while people with a profound learning disability will likely have considerable difficulty in communicating and very limited understanding. For this reason, it’s important to take a person-centred approach to supporting anyone with a learning disability, seeing the whole person rather than focusing on any one aspect of their life.

How is Hft funded?

Our services are funded through a combination of Local Authority funding and fundraised income. Often Local Authority funding will cover only the basics, or fund only people with the most complex needs. We don’t feel this is enough, so we also raise money for things that are no longer funded to make sure people can live their life, their way.

Donate by post

If you would prefer to send a donation via cheque, please download and complete this form and post to Hft Supporter Care Team, Brook Office Park, 5/6 Folly Brook Road, Emersons Green, Bristol  BS16 7FL.
Cheques should be made payable to HF Trust Ltd. Hft can claim back the basic rate of tax on any donations received from UK taxpayers. Every £1 you donate will be worth £1.25 to Hft.

Questions? Please get in touch with the Supporter Care Team via phone 0117 906 1699 or email hello@hft.org.uk