The Extra Special Fund

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. For people with learning disabilities, making simple but creative changes can pay big dividends in boosting independence and choice, while some extra support for just one week might mean making the wishes of someone who has always wanted to go on a specific holiday come true. 

Which is why we have set up the Extra Special Fund (ESF). The ESF is designed specifically to fund charitable projects costing up to £1,000, and has only been made possible by a generous donation from the Extra Special Trust, given specifically for the purpose of establishing the fund.

We want to use the Extra Special Fund to support as many people as possible.  We’ll be using it to:

  • enhance the lives of people with learning disabilities,
  • make grants to pay for, or contribute to, activities or items that make a difference to quality of life,
  • help fund the cost (where necessary) of extra support from staff to enable these grants.

Help us grow the Extra Special Fund

If you’d like to support the Extra Special Fund, contact our Donations team. Whether you donate a one-off payment, or choose to set up a regular direct debit, you’ll have our thanks. We appreciate every donation we receive.

Call our fundraising team on 0117 906 1699 to contribute to the Extra Special Fund today.