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Gifts in Wills

What would you like to protect?

Caring for over 2,200 people and employing 2,000 staff, as a charity in the under-funded and under-resourced social care system is hugely challenging.  That’s likely never to change.

If you decide to leave a gift in your Will, you can help provide services that tackle the everyday challenges that learning disabled people and their families face. Whether the people we support are feeling socially isolated, need care to manage physical health conditions, or if our family carers need help and support.

Read how Hft was set up, as we celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2022.

What do we do with gifts in Wills?

Including a gift in your Will to Hft is really easy to do

We’d be happy to talk you through the process, and we’re happy to e-mail or post you any information you might need. Please call Katie Tennyson on 0117 906 1786, e-mail giftsinwills@hft.org.uk, or complete our enquiry form  to request more information.

We’ve shared some FAQs to help with some of your questions.

Download our Gifts in Wills guide

Free Wills with Bequeathed

We have partnered with Bequeathed to offer you a free Will to protect yourself and your family.

Your online Will is free. You can choose whether to pay for legal advice provided over the telephone or by a local law firm. There is no obligation to include a gift in your Will to any of the charities Bequeathed promote and your online Will is free no matter what.

If you can leave a gift to Hft in your Will, we hope it gives you comfort to know that whatever the size of the gift that it will continue to change lives – for many years to come.

Our legacy promise

  • Your family and loved ones come first and rightly so, but if you can support us after you make those provisions, you can protect the futures of learning disabled people.
  • We’re here to help if you need us, and we won’t pressure you. It’s your decision to make.
  • We will keep any details you share with us confidential, and respect your privacy.
  • We will always use your gift where the need is greatest – however, whenever and wherever that may be.
  • We will always keep you updated with how we spend gifts in Wills and fundraising at Hft (if you want to hear from us)
  • Gifts in Wills – FAQs

    Gifts in Wills help ensure that we have the funding needed to support learning disabled people to live their life, their way.
  • Celebrating 60 years of Hft

    Hft celebrated 60 years of service in 2022, and we spoke to brother and sister, Maggie and John Evans, who fondly recall how their parents Frank and Adita championed the rights of learning disabled people and helped create our first home in Gloucestershire.
  • Funds for the Future

    Funds for the Future is a great initiative that demonstrates how fundraised income truly makes a difference to the lives of the people we support at Hft.
  • Gifts in Wills Enquiry Form

    Completing our Gifts in Wills enquiry form and leaving Hft a legacy can help to ensure that our vital work continues long into the future.