At Hft, we’re firm believers in working in partnership with the relatives of the people we support.  We recognise the central role you play in your family member’s life and how yours is an important and lifelong relationship, which is why ‘Families and other Partnerships’ is one of the key segments of our Fusion Model of Support.

We also know that good communication is critical to ensuring a positive relationship between you and Hft; you’re likely to want to take a deep interest in what is happening at Hft, because you care about your relative – we want to ensure that you’re kept informed and know where to go or who to speak to when you have a question or request.

If you do have any questions about the support your relative receives, your local Hft service will likely be best placed to help.

If you have a question about the information or resources held on this section of our website however, please do get in touch.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Protecting your family member – Covid-19 Coronavirus

We are aware that Covid-19, the coronavirus, will be of concern to you and your family, along with any measures Hft is taking to protect your relative at this time.

We have a Pandemic Response Committee in place, and we are reviewing our guidance on a daily basis, in line with government advice, which, as you are no doubt aware, is changing rapidly.

Our regions have created locally tailored business continuity plans, based on local requirements and the unique needs of the people we support, so for specific queries regarding your relative’s service, please contact the local support team.

Our concern, first and foremost, is for the people we support and our staff, so we are regularly communicating with our teams on the ground, to provide them with updated guidance on the best way to protect your family member during this outbreak.

Current guidance for families (25/03/2020):

You will be aware of the government’s latest announcement is instructing people to stay at home, except for essential work, or to buy food. Some of the people we support are in more vulnerable groups, making it even more crucial that we follow this latest guidance.

To ensure the safety of the people in our care and the dedicated staff who support them, we are therefore suspending visits by family members to services, until further notice. This is intended to reduce the risks of cross infection.

If you think there is an urgent reason for visiting the service, please contact your local manager to discuss your specific circumstances, and to discuss how a visit might be safely arranged.

We are working hard to ensure that staffing levels remain at a safe level and that our colleagues are supported to provide safe, effective support and care for your relative. You can visit this page at any time, for Hft’s latest position and general guidance – which we will review and update as required.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you

Hft Pandemic Response Committee

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