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Major Partnerships

The majority of Hft’s funding comes from local authorities who pay us fees to provide basic support to the people with learning disabilities for whose care they are responsible.  But those fees only cover support for individuals, which means that we don’t have extra funding available to us that we could use to invest in additional specialist services or to maintain our national projects.

That’s where our donors and supporters come in.  Over many years, we have worked in partnership with our donors to ensure that adults with learning disabilities have been able to live the best lives possible. And it’s their generosity that has allowed us to expand beyond the care of individuals and into providing services and projects that make a huge difference to the lives of those people who benefit from them.

Being a major supporter is not always about giving financially. Our supporters often lend their expertise to our organisation, which is equally valuable to us. We work with legal professionals, leaders in industry and medical practitioners to provide advocacy or expertise for the people we support and their families.  Gaining access to the right information or guidance via our Family Carers Support Service for example, can make a huge difference to the personal circumstances of the people we support and their families, leading to better outcomes.

Can I help?

If you have any questions about share giving, asset and tax-efficient giving please do get in touch.

As a supporter, you will receive relevant updates on our work, showing the impact of your donation. You will be invited to exclusive events and thanked publicly through Hft communications, should you wish.

Hft Major Partnerships

Please do call to talk about bespoke projects and funding needs for specialised services and for people with wide ranging levels of learning disability.

Please do get in touch.