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Trusts, Foundations & Statutory Funders

Hft benefits from the amazing support of a number of grant-making organisations who are dedicated to funding charitable projects that have both a charitable purpose and a public benefit.  Grant makers play a vital role in ensuring that the people we support enjoy a high quality of life and are able to make the most of what is available to them.

We have been exceptionally privileged to receive generous support from a number of Trusts, Foundations and Grant-Making Bodies either as one-off or multi-year grants, for a number of projects.

All donations, big and small, are gladly acknowledged and followed with reports when required. We are happy to publicise the funding on our social media pages, website, newsletter, or through other means in discussion with the Trust.

While we have been fortunate to receive ongoing funding from grant makers over a number of years, we are always looking to build relationships with new donors. Please get in touch by contacting either Lizzie or Sharon, our Trust Partnership Managers, who would love to hear from you.

They welcome any enquiries or questions and would be pleased to discuss our ongoing work and current projects with you. We invite the Trustees or Trust Representatives to come and visit our projects to see for themselves the amazing difference their funding makes to the lives of learning disabled adults.


Trusts Team

We look forward to working with you..