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You can help support people with learning disabilities and have the chance to win £25,000 by playing Hft’s weekly lottery. Enter from just £1 a week.

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How it works

What would you do with £25,000? When you sign up, choose your lucky six numbers which will be entered into the weekly Friday draw. If you win, you’ll receive a cheque in the post with your winnings, or it will go straight to your bank account! And your support will be helping people with learning disabilities. We’re working in partnership with Affinity Lottery who provide all of the lottery prizes, and 50% of your lottery money comes straight to Hft.

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First prize – £25,000 Second prize – £1,000 Runner up prizes – £300

How playing our charity lottery helps

There are 1.5 million adults in the UK living with a learning disability. The way that people are affected varies, everyday life can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Some people are able to care for themselves and carry out everyday tasks, while others with profound learning disabilities often have considerable difficulty communicating and very limited understanding.

We put people with learning disabilities and autism at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with them, their families and carers, and health professionals to make sure that their care and support is personalised to meet their individual needs. We help people with learning disabilities live as independently as possible, giving them the confidence to make choices and the chance to live their life the way they want. But we don’t do it alone. As a charity, our specialist support relies on the generosity of those around us. So, we hope that you’ll enjoy playing our lottery, why not sign up today?

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I don’t normally get involved in lotteries but I decided to sign up for the Hft lottery as a way of giving monthly to a really worthwhile charity!
Sam – Hft charity lottery player

How your money helps

Our Luv2meetU group helps people connect with friends, meet new people and stay active. Which is vital to
their mental health and wellbeing. By playing from as little as £1 a week you could help someone access Hft’s digital support package.

  • £5 can give someone we support a weekly call, a much needed life-line to help them feel less alone.
  • £25 can provide someone with a one-cup kettle that helps them safely make a cup of tea without having to wait for assistence from their support worker. Giving them more freedom on how they choose to spend their time.

How much will you play?

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