Support Worker apprenticeships with Hft are a way of undertaking a nationally recognised training and development programme focused on you gaining a Care Certificate, skills, experience and a Health and Social Care Diploma, while working full time.  And, of course, earning a full adult wage at the same time!

At Hft, we supported the Government’s drive to achieve three million apprenticeship starts in the public and private sectors by 2020. Our first apprentice under the new scheme started in August 2017 and today around 28% of our workforce are apprentices, which is an incredible achievement for our sector.  And in 2022, Hft was ranked 12th place in the ‘Top Apprenticeship Employers’ awards in England – an achievement we’re extremely proud of!

Paid apprenticeships are a great option for people who are new to the social care sector, or who now want to work towards a formal qualification, perhaps to help further their career.  What’s important to us is that applicants share our values and our commitment to seeing the people we support achieve the best possible outcomes.

Get involved

If you’re interested in apprenticeship opportunities at Hft, browse our current vacancies. New starters taking on a Support Worker role will undergo an apprenticeship, helping them access relevant qualifications, complete their care certificate and prove their competence to deliver compassionate support. Care to join us?