What is support work?

Support work is usually defined as helping people who require care to live their life as independently as they can.

But talk to any Support Worker and they’ll tell you that while that’s true, there’s far more to the role than this definition suggests.

Hft’s Support Workers are trained to use our Fusion model to enable the people we support live their life, their way. This means taking a person-centred approach that focuses on understanding the person being supported; how they like to be communicated with, what makes them tick, what frustrates them and what they want to achieve. This takes time and patience, but when a Support Worker has the answers to these questions, the impact they can have is immeasurable.

It’s certainly true that boosting independence is a huge part of the role though, and there are many ways in which our Support Workers work to achieve this.  For one person, it might mean getting a job, while for someone else it might mean gaining the skills to cook a meal for their family by themselves. Variety is very much a part of the role.

Being a Support Worker is a challenging but rewarding role that provides an opportunity to make a real and positive difference in someone else’s life every day. If that sounds like an attractive proposition to you, take a look through our vacancies now, and make the first move towards a new career with Hft today.

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