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A support worker’s typical day

For our Support Workers, every day really is different, with variety being more the rule than the exception.

We support people with many different types of learning disability. Multiply that by the fact that learning disabilities often operate across a spectrum, so two people living with the same condition might find that the impact it has on their day to day life is completely different. And then factor in the fact that everyone has their own unique personality in any case, and you’ll start to see that two days are rarely the same.

What do support workers do?

A great deal of what our Support Workers get involved in is driven by the people we support, helping to ensure they are able to live with as much independence and choice as possible. Common tasks include supporting people to: –

  • get out and about and take part in hobbies and leisure activities
  • prepare food – and enjoy eating it!
  • get ready in the morning, including support with personal care and hygiene
  • achieve goals identified in support plans, such as gaining work experience, or learning to use public transport
  • take medication or attend hospital appointments
  • manage money and bills
  • carry out household chores
  • plan holidays – and sometimes support people to take them
  • socialise with friends, or visit family
  • and of course, to live the best life possible!

Throughout all of this, the Fusion Model of Support helps ensure that the people we support remain at the centre of everything we do.


Next steps

Find out more about different kinds of Support Worker roles to get an in-depth view of what a career in social care is really like. If you’re thinking of joining us, hopefully you’re starting to see just how much of an incredible impact you could have on another person’s life.

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