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This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating James and Sharon from Newcastle, who were brought together by our friendship and dating service, Luv2meetU.

Set up in 2007, Luv2meetU runs events and outings that focus on increasing confidence, having fun, making friends, and sometimes even finding love. The service is based in Bradford, but operates across a number of regions, including a recently opened service in Bristol.

One of the service’s best made matches is Sharon and James, who both joined the agency in the hope of finding a special someone. Their story started two years ago, when they met at a Luv2meetU disco night. After the event, Sharon mentioned to a support worker that she wanted to get to know James, who was delighted to accept.

A first date was set up at a local space-themed crazy golf course, where Sharon and James were supported to buy a meal and drink and enjoy a few games. With a chaperone on hand a few tables away, the pair immediately got chatting about their hobbies. They soon realised they had so much in common that James asked Sharon to be his girlfriend there and then – luckily, she accepted!


Sparks have been flying ever since, with the couple taking full advantage of the range of activities on offer at their local LuvmeetU service, including karaoke, swimming and bowling. The pair have also encouraged each other to become more independent, and James now frequently takes on the nine mile journey from his home in Gateshead to visit Sharon in Cullercoats.

Keen to make a commitment to each other, the happy couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day last year, when Sharon cooked a special meal and was surprised with a ring! One year on, and the couple are marking the occasion with a swim followed by a meal out. As for the future, they’re looking forward to many more years together, living life to the fullest.

James says:

“Before I joined Luv2meetU, I was really struggling with my mental health. I felt really low that I couldn’t find love and found it difficult to see other couples. One day I heard about Luv2meetU and decided to attend a singles night, and that’s where I met Sharon. We clicked straightaway and I was so pleased that someone was taking an interest in me.

“I would recommend Luv2meetU to anyone who is out there looking for love, or anyone who is lonely.  Keep going to events because you’ll find people to talk to, and you might find someone who’s always there for you, like Sharon. It’s been like therapy for me and has helped me heal my loneliness.”

Sharon says:

“When I first saw James, I thought he looked like a cheeky chap and seemed very caring. Luv2meetU has been great and helped us to become more independent. We like spending quality time together, like going to golf to relive our first date and doing karaoke. We also take it in turns to treat each other to meals out and have plans to go to a Beatles night soon. My favourite thing is when James comes to my house – he’s always playing tricks on me and making me laugh.”

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