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Support with Finances

Claiming benefits and understanding how they are worked out and paid can be a complex, confusing and time-consuming process.

That’s why Hft offers an ‘Appointeeship’ service, available to the people we support, whereby we take on the responsibility both for claiming Department for Work and Pensions benefits on behalf of the people we support, and for ensuring that they’re receiving everything that they’re entitled to.

We already act as Appointee for many of the people we support, which can help take the pressure off of them having to manage their own benefits, or make life a bit easier for a family member used to dealing with all the paperwork on their behalf.

We examined the benefit arrangements for a number of people in London that were new to Hft, and found that they were not receiving all of the benefits that they were entitled to claim.  The hard work of our Appointeeship team meant that some of these people received £20,000 in back-payments.

Our team can also provide advice to Hft staff that are supporting people to manage their own finances, on topics such as welfare rights and benefits entitlements, or how taking on a new paid job might affect their finances. Supporting someone to make an informed choice about life decisions means knowing how their choice might affect the benefits and funding they receive.

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