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Day Opportunities

We believe people with learning disabilities should live the best life possible. So every day we create opportunities for people to take part in things they enjoy doing, and help them make choices about when and where they do them.

Day Opportunities, or Day Services as some organisations refer to this service, are a vital element of achieving the goals of the Care Act and the Transforming Care Agenda, particularly for people with very complex needs and challenging behaviour. To genuinely ‘empower individuals’ and deliver the ‘right care, in the right place’, we need to do everything we can to ensure all our services help people to lead the lives they want and to fulfil their potential.

Our highly skilled staff teams support people to find hobbies they enjoy, while setting and achieving personal goals to take control of their lives. We recognise that some people require high levels of support but we ensure they have opportunities to be involved in activities that are meaningful to them. Our flexible approach means that we can identify people who might have similar interests, allowing people to share support and make their individual budgets go further.

Getting involved

We work closely with people to find out what they want to do and then support them to do it.  This might include:

  • Going to work
  • Being a volunteer
  • Taking part in education
  • Enjoying leisure or holiday activities
  • Making and seeing friends
  • Taking part in cultural/faith based activities.

Supporting people within their communities

We work with people to identify their interests and skills and match these to our staff; a formula that helps lead to great outcomes for the people we support.  We also take different approaches to developing our services, depending on what works best in the local area.  In some areas we manage bases in the heart of the community, where people can drop in whenever they wish.  In others, we develop ‘community hubs’ focused on specific activities and responding to local need.

Wherever possible, we support people to participate in ordinary community activities. Our approach is based on a philosophy that all people have contributions to make to their community.

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