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 All of us should be able to have a say in the decisions that affect our lives. However, as one of the most excluded groups in society, people with learning disabilities are often overlooked.

That’s why Voices to be Heard was formed – to give the people we support a forum where they can share their views, and know that they are being recognised and valued.

The ‘Voices to be Heard network’ allows anyone supported by Hft to become involved through regular local and national meetings.  Information, ideas, and issues are discussed and taken forward to the highest level of the organisation through ‘Voices to be Heard @ Council’.  At this level (a committee of Hft’s Council of Trustees) the voice of people supported is influencing the strategic path of the organisation.  VtbH@Council are also making their voice heard on the international stage by giving evidence to the United Nations on the review of the UK Government on their progress on implementing the Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities.  VtbH@Council have also been involved in discussions with Ministers in order to further some of the causes that matter to people with learning disabilities.

Through Voices to be Heard, the people we support are also actively involved in staff induction and training. They advise on our communications, produce films including a fire safety video, and join us in campaigning for adequate funding for the sector.

By consulting the people who use our services on every aspect of their support, we can be confident that our support is truly person-centred.

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For further information on involvement and the Voices to be Heard group, please contact Cynthia Webb on 07741 009086 or at