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All of us should have a say in the decisions that affect our lives. However, as one of the most excluded groups in society, learning disabled people are often overlooked.

That’s why our approach to involvement is underpinned by our commitment to putting the people we support at the heart of everything we do.

For us, involvement means:

  • Enabling the people we support to shape your own support, exercising more control over your lives and experiencing greater levels of inclusion, independence and choice. We achieve this through our Fusion Model of Support in action.
  • Providing good opportunities for the people we support to shape our services and the organisation, drawing on your own experiences to inform what we do and continuing to drive quality improvement to live the best lives possible. We do this by involving the people we support in the recruitment and development of our staff and volunteers. Through our local and national speak out groups – ‘Voices to be Heard’ Through feedback and consultations. And, by working alongside the people we support on fundraising events and initiatives.
  • Strengthening the voices of the people we support to play a central role in our campaigns and policy work, so that you can influence decision makers both locally and nationally. Our speak out group for the people we support, Voices to be Heard, has played a central role in our Walk in Our Shoes Network. In our responses to government consultations and in discussions with Ministers. On an international stage by giving evidence to the United Nations on the review of the UK government on their progress towards implementing the Convention for the Rights of People with Disabilities.
  • Supporting opportunities for self empowerment so involvement is led by learning disabled people as much as possible.

Our approach gives the people we support an opportunity to be involved at every level; in your own life, at Hft, and in the community.

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For further information on involvement or the work of our Voices to be Heard speak out group, please contact Amy Gordon, Programme Coordinator – Involvement, at amy.gordon@hft.org.uk.