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The Family Carer Support Service closure

We regret to announce that the Family Carer Support Service will be closing on 2 February 2024

Over the years, changes to the social care system and funding, have meant that families and carers are facing increasingly complex and long-term support needs, which we now believe other organisations are better placed, with the relevant expertise, to provide. The decision to close the service has not been taken lightly, and comes after careful consideration of all available options.
We still have a number of resources available which you can find by following the Family Carer Resources link below.
We have also collated a list of other organisations that can provide support in the absence of our Family Carer Support Service, which you can access following the Alternative Support Services link below.
We are proud of the help and support our Family Carer Support Service has been able to provide over the years.  We deeply appreciate the opportunity to have supported you, and we extend our best wishes to you and the people you support for the future.