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Our Fusion Model of Support

Person-centred support

Our Fusion Model of Support is based on the concept of Person-Centred Active Support (PCAS) – a way of supporting you so you can be engaged in meaningful activity and relationships as active participants. And, as a result, you exercise more control over your life and experience greater levels of inclusion, independence and choice. Hft staff teams use the Fusion Model to support more than 2,500 learning disabled people across England and Wales to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Providing person-centred support requires us to understand the people we support. This may seem obvious, but it is important to note that this understanding is not limited to knowing how to meet people’s assessed needs. Person-centred support requires an understanding of what is important to each individual, what your positive qualities are and what you want for their future.

This approach is becoming more widely used across the sector.  Each of Hft’s 3,000+ support workers are trained in Person-Centred Active Support at induction to ensure that everyone understands this way of working right from the beginning of their career with us.

It’s what we do.

HFT Fusion Model

At the centre of our model, and because you are at the centre of everything we do, are the people we support. Surrounding this are eight segments that reflect all of the specialist skills that we believe are necessary to provide excellent support. These segments also include some of the ethical and moral considerations we take into account when providing services.

Surrounding these segments are three supporting themes: ‘care about’ runs through everything we do, ensuring we provide ‘quality’ services that are ‘continually improving’.

Person-Centred Active Support (PCAS)

We put people at the centre of everything

The people we support have always been, and will always be at the heart of everything we do, so you are at the centre of our Fusion Model.

“Person-Centred Active Support is a way of supporting people so they are engaged in meaningful activity and relationships as active participants, exercising more control over their lives and experiencing greater levels of inclusion, independence and choice.” (Tizard Centre)

Everything we do is based on your view of what a ‘best possible life’ looks like; all the support we offer is aimed at helping you to live with more independence and choice.


We empower people to make their own choices

At Hft, we make sure all the people we support are as aware as they can be about the range of options available to them. When people make choices about what’s right for them, they feel more in control – even if others might disagree with their choices. Our staff understand the importance of balancing the right of those we support to make their own decisions with the responsibility we have to keep them safe.

Creative Solutions

We strive to do things differently

Life with a learning disability has too often been about what you can’t do, rather than what you can; about limiting risks, rather than experiencing freedom. At Hft, we think openly and imaginatively to find new ways of enhancing the lives of the people we support. By pushing boundaries and challenging assumptions, we help people to live the best life possible.

Families and other Partnerships

We are committed to working together

Supporting people so they can have the best life possible means working in partnership; not only with you and your family and friends, but also with local authority staff, health professionals, volunteers and other support providers, welcoming and valuing what everyone contributes. This takes skills, experience and time. At Hft, we build the kind of supporting relationships that can change someone’s life.

Healthy, Safe and Well

We help people to live well while staying safe

At Hft, we take a positive approach to the people we support, looking for ways to meet your full range of physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual needs. We work with people to understand what the ‘best life possible’ looks like for you. Sometimes, this might involve them making decisions or taking risks that others don’t approve of. We will always safeguard people from harm, but we believe independence and choice are more than just words.

Personal Growth

We find ways for people to own their futures

At Hft, we help the people we support to take control of your lives. We find creative opportunities for you to develop as individuals, if you want to. That might include embracing new skills, widening your interests, and having new experiences. Even the smallest change can make a huge difference to an individual’s sense of independence, self-confidence, and esteem.

Personalised Technology

We use technology to change lives

From specialist telecare systems to safer bath-plugs, technology can enhance the lives of the people we support – but only if it supports an individual’s unique desires and needs. At Hft, we conduct detailed personal assessments of the people we support, working with you and your families and support staff to find creative ways for technology to improve their lives both now and in the future.

Specialist Skills

We go beyond simply caring

Supporting people with complex, multiple needs requires more than a desire to look after them. It takes specialist skills based on proven expert knowledge and best practice. At Hft, we invest heavily in the training and development of our support staff to ensure they have the skills and experience they need to help people with the most complex, multiple needs. Where possible, the people we support also get a say in who will be supporting you. Before any decisions are made, you get to meet any potential support staff. This means that both parties can feel confident that they are the best possible fit for one another.

Total Communication

We never stop trying to engage with people

Total Communication is about connecting with the people we support in the way that best suits you, including verbal and non-verbal styles. This means not only speech, tone, gesture and body language but also using the variety of tools available to improve interactions.

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