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Operational Standards

Hft’s Operational Standards are written for staff and their managers. They tell staff what they must consider and do to provide support that is person–centred, protects each person we support’s rights, and meets the legal and regulatory requirements that staff and managers have to work within.

As part of our commitment to partnership we have made our Operational Standards available to the families of people we support.

Staff access the Operational Standards via the Hft Intranet (accessible only to Hft staff) which also enables them to have access to further linked documents. The Operational Standards you see here do not have access to these linked documents, so as you read them you may find links that you cannot access, and references to documents that are not present, but we hope that what you read here will help you understand how and why staff work in the way they do, and lead to further discussions about how they support, or may in the future support, your family member.

Hft family members can access our current Operational Standards in the Families section of our website. These reflect the new Fundamental Standards introduced in April 2015. If you would like access to these standards, please email families@hft.org.uk.