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Implementing PT

A big concern for people with learning disabilities and their families is isolation.  People often worry that implementing technological solutions, will mean the human touch is lost – if Hft can monitor someone remotely, surely this will mean that the person sees even fewer people throughout the day?

In fact, the reverse is true.

Getting the right technology in the right place might mean that support worker hours don’t have to be used up on a sleep-in for example, meaning the person being supported could use those hours on supported employment, or to go swimming, leading to a more fulfilled life.

At Hft, we have invested in a team of experienced Personalised Technology Coordinators, who are skilled in assessing for, implementing and installing a wide range of technological solutions for people with learning disabilities. Every member of the team has a strong background in supporting learning disability services and an in-depth knowledge of both mainstream and specialist technologies, both high and low tech.

When it comes to putting Personalised Technology in place, the people we support are always at the centre of the process.

  • We carry out an initial needs-led assessment with each person we support and recommend technology solutions that will meet a person’s individual needs.
  • Our team work with staff teams and people we support to install and implement solutions based around individuals’ support needs – their goals, the barriers they face, keeping them safe, and living as independently as possible.
  • We follow the principles of the Mental Capacity Act which means that, wherever possible, we gain consent for the implementation of Personalised Technology solutions from the person being supported. If they’re unable to provide consent, the Best Interests process will be used.
  • Our implementation process also looks at funding for technology, health and safety checks and processes, guidelines and documentation.

The most important thing is that our implementation process is ongoing: we regularly review and, where necessary, adapt the technology solutions in place to make sure we continue to meet people’s changing needs.

A person we support using a big button phone


Personalised Technology only really benefits the people involved if they understand how it works, its purpose and the benefits of using it.

At Hft we’ve developed specialist PT training courses to make sure everyone understands PT and how it can enhance the lives of the people we support.

This includes our general PT awareness training, as well as bespoke training for services based on specific need.

To find out how Hft can support you with PT, click here.