Hft | Introduction to Personalised Technology e-learning training

Introduction to Personalised Technology e-learning training

Personalised Technology (also known as assistive technology) is a valuable tool that can help improve outcomes for people with a learning disability, and help support providers deliver more efficient support. We want to see as many people with learning disabilities as possible become more independent and safe, and gain more control over their lives, which is why we’ve developed a new personalised technology elearning training module that can be used by anyone who’d like to learn more about the benefits and implementation.

Our personalised technology (PT) training sessions aim to open people’s minds to the outcomes that technology can help achieve for people with disabilities, their families, providers and funding authorities. We know that PT has the greatest impact potential when it has the support of everyone involved. By giving people the knowledge and skills they need, PT can become embedded into services and become an integral part of how people are supported, leading to better outcomes.

We have developed this e-learning training module for our external customers; support providers, local authorities, housing providers and families. It is based on our internal e-learning package that was rolled out as mandatory training to all Hft’s operations staff five years ago and has since been  completed by over 4,500 staff. The training aims to provide the learner with a general awareness of PT and is suitable for anyone who supports a vulnerable person with varying needs e.g. learning disabilities, dementia, physical disabilities and mental health.

The training is comprised of six chapters and takes approx one hour to complete.

It includes:

  • What is PT? including examples of the different types of PT available
  • Why use PT? highlighting the outcomes PT can help to deliver
  • Implementing PT, including the key steps to consider when implementing PT into a service
  • Ethical issues to consider when using PT
  • Managing and maintaining the PT longer term
  • What next? including a final quiz, how to find out more, and how to develop your learning further.

The training includes a number of activities and short quizzes at the end of each chapter, video case studies and scenarios, and tests your learning with a final quiz at the end which provides the learner with a final score. People completing the elearning can then print off their certificate from the resource section as well as access some useful resources including an action plan template that has been designed to help prompt learners to think about the implementation process and what they need to do in order to successfully implement PT with the person they support.

Next steps

If you’d like to find out more about personalised technology elearning training, please contact the team at:


or on 0117 906 1700