Hft | Personalised Technology Projects and Partnerships

We have been part of many research and development partnerships over the years and are keen to continue this work that will ultimately give learning disabled people and those with complex needs access to a wider range of technology options that are easy to use and fit for purpose. We are regularly approached by product developers and manufacturers to help them with the development process.

We have a wealth of experience in informing, testing and piloting products both as part of grant-funded projects and independently.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a product or partnership opportunity.

These are projects we have spearheaded in collaboration with other organisations to further develop the growing area of personalised technology.

  • Hft and Tendertec - FitBees

    We are partnering with start-up Tendertec as part of a UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funded project. The FitBees project is a support service combining Tendertec’s Hestia connected care platform, home sensors, and wearable technologies, aiming to increase physical activity and connections to the community.
  • The Gloucestershire Digital Innovation Fund

    Supporting people in Gloucestershire to learn about Personalised Technology and the outcomes it can help to deliver whilst giving people access to low tech devices that make a real difference.
  • Learning Disability Assistive Technology project (2018-2021)

    Hft’s Personalised Technology team worked in partnership with the Bristol City Council Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Hub and We Care Home Improvements to deliver the Learning Disability Assistive Technology project (LDAT).
  • ALTAS – Assistive Living Training and Skills

    The ALTAS project aims to address the shortfall in provision of assistive living technology (ALT) training courses for health and social care staff .
  • Innovating for Improvement Health Foundation project

    We're exploring how care quality can be improved and health inequalities reduced, as part of the Health Foundation's Innovating for Improvement programme.
  • BOLD-TC project

    The BOLD-TC project aims to trial video-consultation services with people with learning disabilities, to improve their health outcomes.
  • Hft/UWE student design project

    We set UWE students the challenge of designing a new piece of Personalised Technology that could be used to support people with learning disabilities.