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Technology is part of everyone’s life. More and more, it is used to support people to be independent and safe in and out of their home.

We’re currently building a brand new Virtual Smarthouse to show how personalised technology can be used around the house to increase independence and safety for people with learning disabilities. Hft uses the term ‘personalised technology’ to describe gadgets and equipment used to support people in this way.

Of course, it’s not really about the technology; it’s all about the person using it and the positive impact it has on all those involved.

Although the Virtual Smarthouse is based on our work with people with learning disabilities, much of the technology showcased in the house can be used equally to support anyone who needs assistance in their own home. This includes other vulnerable groups such as the elderly, people with dementia and people with physical disabilities.

We’re planning to launch our new Virtual Smarthouse in early 2019, so check back then to explore the many ways that personalised technology can make a big difference in helping people with learning disabilities to live the best life possible. In the meantime, Hft helped build the Mi Virtual Smarthouse, which you can view on Mi’s website.

Image of a sign welcoming people to the Hft Smart House