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Quality and Improvement at Hft

As a charity that supports over 2,500 adults with learning disabilities across the country, we take a lot of pride in the high level of care that we deliver, constantly striving to ensure that each and every one of the people we support is treated as an individual, and given every opportunity to live the best life possible.

But with so many services, spread out so far, maintaining high and consistent standards requires specialist attention. Quality underpins all that we do at Hft – it’s a key part of our Fusion Model of Support, so we operate a dedicated Quality and Improvement team to act as a supportive measure for the people we support.

It is our Quality and Improvement team’s responsibility to: –

  • Ensure that we meet the demands for quality assurance required of social care organisations.
  • Respond to CQC changes to legislation and the fundamental standards.
  • Perform a variety of internal audits to monitor the day to day quality of the services we operate.
  • Complete an annual program of compliance audits designed to provide feedback to Managers on how their services performing, support external CQC inspections and continually improve service excellence for the people we support.

The audits provide information that helps Hft benchmark how we are performing as an organisation, consolidating what we do well and providing insight into where we can do even better.  They also act as a positive means of helping the people we support and their staff teams to work together towards continued improvement.

More information

Hft has an overall ‘Good’ organisational rating with the CQC.  You can see information on the ratings our individual services have received on our CQC Ratings page.

Find out about the CQC’s Fundamental Standards – the standards below which your care must never fall.