Hft | Directing support through video - Dave's story

Support worker Dave Rees from Leeds is enhancing the way people are able to communicate through his work creating video support plans.

We’re always looking to build on the work we do to make support plans as accessible as possible using creative ideas. That’s why Dave works with people in Leeds to co-produce videos on how they’d like to be supported. These videos allow people to communicate to staff and healthcare professionals what is important in their lives, and include information on how they want to be supported.

Photo of David at the Fusion Awards
David at Hft’s Fusion Awards

By using this new and innovative form of support planning, Dave is able to creatively maximise the choice and control adults with learning disabilities have in their own lives.

Dave explains the process behind his work:

“We chat about what they enjoy, their home life, passions, the people who are important to them, anything goes! We then build a video around this, editing along the way to make sure they are happy.

“There are so many benefits – people tend to enjoy being in the spotlight and showcasing their talents and interests. They can take real ownership of their ‘about me’ information and direct their own support, and I’ve found some people feel more able to discuss things that they wouldn’t otherwise. One person told me it has really helped with the grieving process and I was really proud of that.

“Staff have fed back that it has been a useful tool in that it can be much easier to retain information and form a relationship with the person. The person can use the video to explain to new staff what’s important to them and how best to support them.  It’s also a really great way for people to show their family and friends their work, daily life, relationships, activities and groups.”

Andy from Leeds said:

“I chose to make my video so that my family in the USA can see what I get up to in my daily life. I think the video would be good to show new staff who are going to support me so that they know me a bit better beforehand.

“I really liked the idea of making a video and thought it would be good fun. I already knew Dave and I saw a video he had made for someone else who lives in the house with me and I really liked it.”

Amy Gordon, Involvement Coordinator, said:

“Dave’s work is a really meaningful and accessible way for people to be involved in planning and reviewing their support and inducting new staff into their support team. It’s also an engaging way for staff to get to know the person and learn how to support them really well.”

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