Hft | Stories and case studies | 'Discovering your passion' - Lewis

Lewis discovered his passion for ballet three years ago. Since then, Lewis has regularly attended classes and built his skills to perform in over ten shows across the country! Staff who support Lewis at the Learning Zone were able to see the progress he has made in ballet, as they got the chance to see him dance in a show.

Read about Lewis’ love for ballet in his own words.

Image of Lewis at a ballet class“I’ve been doing ballet for nearly three years at the Northern Ballet in Leeds. I heard about them at school and they took me for a taster day. I really enjoyed it and carried on from there.

“I go one day a week. In the mornings we do pilates and exercises, and in the afternoons we do a creative session and come up with ideas for a show.

“My first show was in July 2015. It was called Expressions. I’ve done at least ten more since. The most memorable ones were when I went to Bridlington Spar and the Diversity Festival where we performed our own piece. It went down really well.  Also a high point was the 2017 Expressions show. Several people from the Learning Zone were my guests on that day and watched me performing at the Show .

“I really like ballet and dancing. I get so many opportunities from it. I have been in many shows. I have been all round the country.

“People can do ballet even if they’ve not done it before. They just have to do a bit at a time. I’ve been practising a long time so I can do shows where audiences pay for tickets.”