Hft | Improving transport for people with learning disabilities

A lack of accessible transport can be a barrier to independence for people with learning disabilities. That’s why John, who is supported by Hft, is working hard to influence change. He shares his story in his own words.

“My name is John. My passion is transport and I really care about how people who are partially sighted and have a learning disability, like myself, are able to access trains and buses. I used to be a member of a local learning disability partnership board that campaigned around transport rights for disabled people. We got the local bus service to help show people with disabilities how to use the ramps to get onto the bus. I also talked to bus drivers about supporting people with disabilities.

John and Billy Davis

“In June 2018 I went to the Office of Rail and Road in central London with Hft to share my views on transport with a group of people who have disabilities.

“I really enjoyed meeting new people and getting to speak up. I think there should be more rail staff on trains and platforms to help people onto trains, to show them where they need to go and to explain any changes. If there can’t always be rail staff then announcements should be clearer. It is important that railway companies are aware that people with learning disabilities might need more help to understand. Many of us use a sign language called Makaton and it would be useful if some rail staff knew how to use this.

“I enjoyed going back to the Office of Rail and Road in November 2018, talking about this more and continuing with my campaign.”